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hi, i'm angi. i'm an atl-born traveling fairy and content creator fresh out of college.

As an early 20s Asian-American world traveler connected with a wanderlust-filled millenial crowd, I aspire to show others the magical beauty of this world wherever I go. I started my social media and blog to brighten up young adults' everyday lives with a fairytale-like whimsical style and fresh but honest writing, and believe that my voice can encourage others to bring joy into their own lives. I am always thrilled to partner with brands and companies that also value creating happiness, empowering minority millenials, and capturing new and beautiful experiences. it is very nice to meet you :)


How I Became a Top Travel Writer on Medium with 3 Stories

It’s not about quantity, it’s about…well, you already know.


10 Thrilling Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gamble and Party

No drugs, money, or sex required for a good time in Sin City.


I Went to the Running of the Bulls.

If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s most chaotic festival is like, it goes something like this.


We Need More Overseas Asian Female Travelers (and Here’s 7!)

That’s a mouthful, but representation matters.


The Perfect 3 Day Grand Canyon South Rim Itinerary

The further you descend past the rim, the more otherworldly the canyon becomes.


How Traveling Empowers Me Like Nothing Else Did

Yes, I am claiming that vacation can break the glass ceiling.


Paris Isn't the City of Love

It should have been the most romantic spot of all time.


COVID-19’s Unexpected Side Effect: Is Traveling Sustainably An Oxymoron?

It’s hard to be an environmentalist when you’re cruising on an airplane.


How I Traveled to 11 Different Countries in 3 Months - While in School

I’m 19, and I’ve been to almost more countries than years lived.


Is Social Media Mining Ethical?

They want your data, and they want it now. Luckily for them, you've posted all of it publicly on the world wide web...

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